Washington State University

Benjamin Cowan

Assistant Professor
School of Economic Sciences
Washington State University

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Fields of Interest: Health Economics, Labor Economics, Economics of Education


Working Papers

Marijuana Legalization and College Student Use (with Austin Miller and Robby Rosenman)
This Version: February 2017.

The Effects of Graduation Requirements on Risky Health Behaviors of High School Students (with Zhuang Hao)
This Version: January 2017.

March Madness: NCAA Tournament Participation and College Alcohol Use (with Dusty White and Jadrian Wooten)
This Version: February 2017.

Non-Neutral Marginal Research Costs and Induced Innovation (with Daegoon Lee and Richard Shumway)
This Version: December 2015.

Evaluating the Two-Body Problem: Joint Hire Productivity within the University (with Jared Woolstenhulme, Jill McCluskey, and Tori Byington)
This Version: November 2015.

Contact Information

Hulbert Hall
Office #: 103E
Pullman, WA. 99164
ben.cowan (at) wsu.edu
Office: (509) 335-2184

Recently Published Papers

Sources of Bias in Teenagers' College Expectations
This Version: April 2015. Forthcoming at Social Science Quarterly.

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance and the Gender Wage Gap (with Benjamin Schwab)
This Version: September 2015. Journal of Health Economics 45, January 2016, 103-114.

Testing for Educational Credit Constraints using Heterogeneity in Individual Time Preferences
This Version: October 2014. Journal of Labor Economics, 34(2), April 2016.

The Effects of Merit-Aid Programs on Drinking in College (with Dusty White)
This Version: June 2015. Journal of Health Economics 44, December 2015, 137-149.

The Induced Innovation Hypothesis and U.S. Public Agricultural Research (with Richard Shumway and Daegoon Lee)
This Version: May 2014. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 97(3), April 2015, 727-742.

Education, Maternal Smoking, and the Earned Income Tax Credit (with Nathan Tefft)
This Version: August 2012. The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy 12(1), October 2012, Article 45.

The Incidence of the Healthcare Costs of Smoking (with Benjamin Schwab)
This Version: June 2011. Journal of Health Economics 30(5), September 2011, 1094-1102.

Forward-Thinking Teens: The Effects of College Costs on Adolescent Risky Behavior
This Version: March 2011. Economics of Education Review 30(5), October 2011, 813-25.


EconS 593 - Applications in Microeconomic Topics