Photo Tour 2008
Bologna, Italy

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Milano Rail Station

The famous Milano Rail Station

Stazione Centrale

"Stazione Centrale" Bologna

Stazione Centrale

Stazione with many buses and motos parked


Left: Bologna's most famous for its portocolos (portici). There are miles and miles of these. On weekend and holiday afternoons the main shopping areas are full of strollers.

Right: Other places the portici are empty.

Two towersTwo towers_2

Another famous feature of Bologna -- the two towers -- i due torri.

One is very crooked; it had to be chopped in half for fear it would fall on someone -- some few hundred years ago.

In the 1200's and 1300's there were dozens of these in Bologna and other Italian cities.

Portico, Via Independenza

The portico along Via Independenza

Portico-San Stefano

Portico near old church, San Stefano

Tower, portico

Tutti: tower, portico, motos, cars and bikes

Eating in Bologna, Italy
Italians are serious about food and fashion.

Food in Bologna

Food in Bologna

Food stallsSupermarkets

Food stalls near Piazza Maggiore

There are supermarkets, too.


Apperitivo at streetside


Prosecco anyone?

Fruit and vegetables in Bologna
Italians spend a lot more on food than Americans.


Buying food in Italy. Don't touch the food; the fruttivendollo will put it in the bag. How many types of onions, tomatos, zucchini do you think there are?

Food display

"A" in Food Display, Bologna

Food arrangements

Italians arrange food like flowers.



Parma hams

Parma hams...

Meat market

...and friends.

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