GROUP PROJECT: Vulnerable countries on the brink of collapse again!


1.   Form yourselves into groups of 4 people. If there is someone you would like to work with let me know as soon as possible via email. If you are not in a group by  March 25, I will put you into a group. The information about groups will be released along with WSU email addresses so everyone can contact the people in their group in order to schedule meeting times to work on the project. Choose a country from the List and send me an email regarding your choice ASAP. First come, first served.

2.   Meet with your group immediately and plan a work schedule to be ready to give a presentation to the class. All projects are due by April 20, 9 am or sooner if you finish early.  I will randomly choose groups to give presentations starting on April 22 unless someone volunteers. Attendance for all presentations is mandatory in order to get full credit for the project. If you miss class during this period your grade for the project will be docked.

3.   If you are not interested in doing a presentation you will forgo a significant portion  of your grade.

4.  What should the presentation cover?

  A.   Background of the country involved in the crisis. What kind of government do they have? Democracy? Autocracy? Something else? Who controls the government? Is there a central bank? Does it have independent power? Who makes policy?

  B.   Describe what happened to the country during the crisis of 2008 - 2010.  How was the economy affected by the crisis? Present data on the crisis, e.g., GDP, unemployment, bankruptcies, capital outflow, exchange rate fluctuations, ratio of debt to tax revenue.

  C.    Why is the economy of your country considered weak? Why might it collapse? Provide evidence. Does it rely on exports? Does it rely on commodities? Is unemployment rising? Is the value of its currency falling?

5.   The presentation should take about 12 - 15 minutes. Practice this to make sure.

6.   The presentation should be in Powerpoint  It should include graphs and data, and you should provide sources for the material used in the report in a list of references at the end.
7.    Put it on a flash drive, or online at your preferred web site, e.g., Google drive so it is accessible when you are ready to give your presentation.