Economics bib style Library

The collection below is a Latex library for economics journals. Some of these (AER, CJE) come standard with TexLive2007. Click on the journal name, then save the file as a .bst in the folder with your document. The last part of the path will be the name that you should save the file as. For example .../aea.bst.txt should be saved as aea.bst.
Unless otherwise noted, these bibliography styles are not official or endorsed. There may be mistakes in them. Contact the author if you find or fix a mistake.
The authors of some of bib styles recommend they be matched with a partner class .cls. It is best to open each .bst to see if it is paired with a particular class before using.
I have collected these bst files from web sources and friends. If you have a file that you care to donate to the library, please email me.

You can use Makebst to customize a bibliography style by ansering a series of questions. Just download the file, open makebst.tex and put the resulting .bst file in the folder of your document.

There is a general .bst library here, but I find that it is not very good with economics journals.
Elsevier provides an author's package for us on all of their journals.
Arne Henningsen maintains the economtex package containg all of the classes and bibstyles from the TexLive distribution as well as many more. You can find relatively simple instructions for installing .bst files here.
Useful links goes to a page of links to BibTex reference managers and citation packages.


.bst author
American Economic Association Journals Melissa Rice Recent ( 2008) .bst used for AER, Papers & Proceedings, JEL, JPE, and AEJs. Available from AEA as part of author's package.
American Economic Review (2008) Melissa Rice Available from AEA as part of author's package.
American Economic Review (1991) Peter Williams Older (1991) .bst for. Comes standard in TexLive, but not recommended for AER. Choose 2008 version instead.
American Journal of Agricultural Economics Arne Henningsen
Karsten Heyman
Agricultural Economics Arne Henningsen  
Applied Economics Arne Henningsen  
Cassey Andrew Cassey Not a journal, but the style I wrote and designed because I like the way it looks. I use it in my working papers. There are 3 known turkeys, though. Advice on how to fix these welcomed.
Canadian Journal of Economics Peter Williams CJE recommends this for Latex users.
Econometrica (2000) Sebastian Perez-Duarte Newer .bst for Econometrica, but not endorsed by Econometric Society.
Econometrica (1994) Kim Border Not recommeded, choose 2000 version instead.
Economic Inquiry Andrew Cassey Created with Make bst. Not all needed modifications complete.
Economica Joseph A. Wright
Arne Henningsen
Elsevier Journals   Author name style based on Harved.bst
European Review of Agricultural Economics Arne Henningsen  
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Staff Papers Andrew Cassey There seems to be some formatting options, so I also made options in the bst. There are formatting issues for working papers depending on how they are classified in bibtex.
International Economic Review Doug McKee  
International Tax and Public Finance Arne Henningsen  
Journal of Applied Econometrics    
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Herbert Gintis Newer version dated Feb. 2009
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization   Older bst given to me by Jon Yoder.
Journal of Economic and Social Measurement Andrew Cassey  
Journal of International Trade & Economic Development SR Nova Official version, last modified April 29, 2009
Journal of Political Economy Melissa Rice Official version as part of AEA author's package.
Journal of Political Economy Adam Seth Litwin Unofficial style from 2008.
Land Economics   Given to me by Jon Yoder.
Regional Studies Arne Henningsen  
Springer Journals   spbasic.bst, One of 3 formats
World Development    



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